Benzonase alternative – SuperNuclease

As an alternative to Benzonase® Nuclease,  SuperNuclease is an extracellular Serratia marcescens endonuclease produced from genetically engineered E. coli. It possesses the same activity as Benzonase does, but much more cost-effective!

Benzonase activity / SuperNuclease activity

SuperNuclease (or Benzonase) is a nonspecific nuclease which cleaves both RNA and DNA in any form ( single stranded, double stranded, linear, circular and supercoiled ) with similar rates. It hydrolyzes internal phosphodiester bonds present between the nucleotides. All free nucleic acids can be completely digested to 5′-monophosphate-terminated oligonucleotides of 3 to 8 bases in length. Under in vitro conditions, however, SuperNuclease (or Benzonase) has been shown to prefer GC over AT-rich regions, as does DNase I.

Benzonase structure / SuperNuclease Structure

The nuclease is a homodimer with monomer molecular masses ranging from 25 to 30 kDa. Two disulfide bonds found in the nuclease are crucial to its activity and stability.

Benzonase applications / SuperNuclease applications

Benzonase® Nuclease reduces the viscosity of samples, digest all forms of nucleic acid.
Benzonase enhances protein purification via complete cell lysis and viscosity reduction.
Benzonase is used to increase gel resolution.
Benzonase is used to prevent cell clumping.

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