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If you have never had to purchase hair wigs before then it is possible that you may not know which ones would be the best for your situation. Of course, celebrities still pay a hefty fee for one high quality lacefront wig – of between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on the hair salon they go to. But supply and demand has provided a number of other economical alternatives for women who can’t afford or refuse to pay such a high cost of having a quality lacefront wig.

For the most part, Chinese vendors work with clients who can purchase wigs in bulk, but more and Cheap Clip in Hairpieces Online 2015 more, women are able to connect with Chinese vendors on their own, primarily through hair forums, and due to the low cost (between $100 and $300 dollars depending upon the length, and customization of the wig) women can purchase multiple wigs of different colors and lengths and stay well under the cost of what celebrities pay.

Costume wigs are significantly different from lace wigs, which are miles away from street wear wigs, and so on. For instance, it is crucial that you know the difference between the different types of wigs.

A strong follower of fashion she began wearing wigs as an adornment but it is believed that after a severe bout of smallpox caused most of her hair to fall out she used them to hide her balding head, thereby maintaining her status.

This continued well into the 18th century when it became popular for men to wear white wigs, similar to those that are still worn today by British barristers and judges and in many Commonwealth courts across the world.

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